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Do Not Go Gentle     by Leon Pownall

NY Theatre.com: “Jill Nagle’s sublime lighting does incredible things with a simple set; her subtle cues change tone and mood instantly to reflect the unpredictable mood of the character and his abrupt changes of subject. “

The Man in Room 306     by Craig Alan Edwards

Backstage.com: “Jill Nagle’s lighting design is first rate.”

Exposure Time     by Kim Merrill

New York Times: “The Production offers fine lighting by Jill Nagle.”

Evie's Waltz     by Carter W. Lewis

New York Times: “Jill Nagle’s most challenging lighting effect, in which the characters are viewed through a gun’s sights, is appropriately disturbing.”

The Good Daughter    by D.W. Gregory

New York Times: “…evocatively light by Jill Nagle.”

Variety: “Cunning lighting and sound design bring forth a torrential storm accompanied by thunder and lightning that Lear might envy.”

Curtain Up: “The lighting and sound design are impressive.”

Talking Broadway: “…lighting and sound design are terrific.”

Asbury Park Press: “Special attention must be paid to fellow NJ Rep 1st timer, for her lighting work on a production design that is easily equal of any big stage, big budget production.”

Apple     by Vern Thiessen

New York Times: “… lighted beautifully by Jill Nagle.”
Talking Broadway: “… nicely enhanced by the lighting by Jill Nagle.”

tempodyssey      by Dan Dietz

New York Times: “Jill Nagle’s stunning light show suggests a universe in cosmic disarray.”

Two River Times: “…and  Jill Nagle gets a major shout-out for her superb lighting design.”

The Dishwashers      by Morris Panych
John Simon, Bloomberg News: “Jill Nagle’s sympathetic lighting completes one of the season’s happiest theatergoing experiences.”
The Whipping Man     by Matthew Lopez

New York Times: “Jill Nagle’s lighting scheme add to the aura of a world in which even nature has gone awry.”

Minstrel Show     by Max Sparber

New York Times: “…Jill Nagle’s lighting, suggesting the rising flames of the fire, turns up the heat when needed.”

The Bully Pulpit     by Michael O. Smith

NY Theatre.com: “Jill Nagle’s lighting is subtle and effective right down to the slowly fading sunset. “

Old Clown Wanted      by Matei Visniec

Variety: “Jill Nagle’s sharp keenly defined lighting design accents the faded glory of circus days and the ominous atmosphere of the dark future.”

Topdog/Underdog      by Suzan-Lori Parks

Talking Broadway: “Jill Nagle’s lighting completes the strong visual elements of the production. “

The Fastest Women Alive      by Karen Sunde

Talking Broadway: “…elaborate lighting by Jill Nagle are all first rate.”           

Tilt Angel      by Dan Dietz

Asbury Radio: “…creative lighting excellently executed through Jill Nagle’s

In The Parlance      by Richard Harland Smith

Off Off Broadway Review: “…the lighting by Jill Nagle suberbly directed attention and accented moods.”